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Subchannel Report provides insight to the broadcast television and MVPD (cable, telco, and satellite) industries. All reports are accurate as underlying data is updated automatically as our database changes, however, temporarily the report title may not match newly updated reports. Subchannel Report is published daily to our 24,500 subscribers.

Sales Ranking Of Hundreds Of Potential Salt Lake City Advertisers

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Salt Lake City, Utah, has been named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live 2015 by

The editors at have broad experience studying and writing about the factors that make a city a great place to live and work. But they wanted other perspectives as well. So, they once again partnered with the research team at the Martin Prosperity Institute. The institute, directed by Richard Florida, is part of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and is the leading think tank on the role of location, place and city-regions in global economic prosperity.


Total Locations- Advertiser locations are estimated by dividing the number of households in the US by the number of total locations reported by the advertiser and then assigning locations based on each TV market’s household count.

Salt Lake City Has 72 Over the Air Broadcast Channels

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There are over 30 over the air LPTV channels that are not broadcasting on cable in Salt Lake City. Some the channels are duplicates probably most likely due to the signal reach limitations of the terrain. The major broadcast groups in Salt Lake City include Nexstar and Sinclair who each have two full powers in the market.


.1 Channel- “. 1″ is used to refer to the digital version of the station’s main signal.

Subchannels (Not .1)- Channels that are not the primary channel of the TV station(s). On a case by case basis a subchannel may have MVPD subscribers.

Salt Lake City Is A Comcast City

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Flashback Friday – Flashback Friday – Broadcasters Get Aereo Shut Down In Salt Lake City and Denver. For a look back at the past.


Unduplicated Subscribers- Subscribers counted one time per market per MVPD regardless if group has multiple stations and channels on MVPD. Subscribers calculated using FCC COALS, National Broadband Map, Census Data, 490+ MVP websites, and FCC Form 325. Subscribers estimated using reported subscriber figures then factored with a weighted average into county household numbers. Subscribers counted upon announced sale of MVPD Provider to another provider.

Estimates- Subchannel Report provides MVPD subscriber data, household data, and other data as estimates only. All subscriber and household data is based on Across Platforms’ methods developed to provide estimates only. Corrections welcome.

Sinclair Has 43 TV Stations Distributed On Charter Communications

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On October 23, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. (ET), FHH cable gurus Dan Kirkpatrick and Paul Feldman will present a FREE webinar entitled “Cable TV Must-Carry & Retransmission Consent: Negotiating Agreements & Enforcing Rights”. This will be a follow-up to their September webinar on the must-carry/retrans election process. It will address a long list of post-election issues that both TV folks and cable folks should be focused on. For more information.

Duplicated Subscribers- Cable, overbuilder, and/or satellite subscribers counted multiple times in a market depending upon how many .1 channels for full power and LPTV-cable stations and for those subchannels with verified MVPD subscribers. Subscribers partly estimated using FCC COALS data and Census data.

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