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Subchannel Report provides insight to the broadcast television and MVPD (cable, telco, and satellite) industries. All reports are accurate as underlying data is updated automatically as our database changes, however, temporarily the report title may not match newly updated reports. Subchannel Report is published daily to our 24,500 subscribers.

Buzzr To Launch With Base Of Nearly Four Million Over The Air Homes

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If Buzzr had parity for ad sales with Travel Channel it would do about $3.04 per household in annual revenue. Theoretically Buzzr could capture $11.6 million annual from the over the air homes it has already announced. However, it is impossible for the over the air marketplace to generate these numbers.
Not because of the technology but rather because each TV market is filled with numerous broadcast owners who are all in competition with each other.

It is like trying to herd a roomful of cats to all go in the same direction. It is easy for Xfinity they just need to place one TV buy and they can quickly educate the entire market of their new channels.
Forget about broadcasters. A cat can’t be trained when it is setting its own trail.

Average Over the Air Per Subchannel- calculated on a network or group basis. The total subchannels divided by the total over the air households for the group or network.

Can QVC Achieve $400 Million A Year In Over The Air Sales?

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On cable QVC generates $56.41 per household in annual sales. Considering that most homes have either a
Netflix or Hulu account (or both) the over the air audience could be sophisticated enough to order QVC products from their laptops as they watch QVC, or HSN, on their television sets.

Based on the 7.3 million over the air households getting QVC today, through ION Media stations primarily, that equates to $410 million in annual sales if sales matched cable’s level. QVC would pay five percent (5%) of sales, which would equate to $20.5 million annually to ION Media Networks, if QVC
reached their cable household sales metrics from the OTA audience.

What’s ironic is that traditional broadcast groups harbor distain for home shopping networks so much so they are quick to toss away the right to rebroadcast a shopping network on a subchannel during their retransmission consent talks when such a huge upside is within its grasp. For instance, if ION Media Networks is able to get channel placement of both HSN, and QVC, during the next round of retransmission consent talks then ION Media Networks could see a windfall of several hundred million a year from these two shoppers.

I scratch my head everyday wondering why fixing this retransmission deal point is not of top priority for every broadcast owner in the country. Whoever fixes it first is going to walk away with the next big revenue source.

Total Locations- Advertiser locations are estimated by dividing the number of households in the US by the number of total locations reported by the advertiser and then assigning locations based on each TV market’s household count.

ME-TV Reaches Over 2,000 More McDonald’s Locations Than Antenna TV

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We all know despite the rhetoric in the broadcast industry it is still all about the cable and DBS subscriber.
While groups tout the value of the over the air household they still wax prophetically about the growth rates of
the digital dollar. Its a mixed bag of whether or not to invest marketing dollars in order to educate the over the air audience about the growth in subchannel networks and weigh that against the payout of the looming spectrum auction.

Over-the-air television- the traditional method of television broadcast signal delivery. OTA homes calculated by subtracting MVPD subscribers from Across Platforms’ household calculations derived from mapping Census county data to television station’s coverage maps.

Cincinnati Bell Delivers Subs To Bounce TV On WXIX

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WXIX-TV 19 FOX, serving Cincinnati OH, is owned by Raycom Media. Bounce TV has been on the station since January 1, 2012.

Cable – A cable system (defined by the FCC) in the United States is a facility serving a single community, or a distinct governmental entity, each with its own franchise agreement with the cable company. Across Platforms tracks over 330 cable companies. Ownership transfers recorded at time of announcement before FCC approval.

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