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Subchannel Report provides insight to the broadcast television and MVPD (cable, telco, and satellite) industries. All reports are accurate as underlying data is updated automatically as our database changes, however, temporarily the report title may not match newly updated reports. Subchannel Report is published daily to our 24,500 subscribers.

Comcast-Time Warner Cable Carry Top 10 Spanish Networks

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Comcast- Time Warner Cable carries Univision on approximately 22 million cable subscribers while its own Telemundo is carried on 18.2 million subscribers.

Duplicated Subscribers- Cable, overbuilder, and/or satellite subscribers counted multiple times in a market depending upon how many .1 channels for full power and LPTV-cable stations and for those subchannels with verified MVPD subscribers. Subscribers partly estimated using FCC COALS data and Census data.

Mako And Venture Technologies Carry Most Spanish Nets On LPTV OTA Channels

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Mako Communications carries 11 subchannels with Spanish networks while Venture Technologies Group carries four Spanish subchannels.

Duplicated OTA (over the air) households - Estimated households in a market, using Census data and TV station signal footprints, less the MVPD Providers (cable, overbuilders, and satellite). Duplicated OTA homes are reported multiple times depending upon how many unique networks have secured affiliate agreements in the market. Duplicate signals for the same network in the market are only reported for the primary affiliate.

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