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Subchannel Report provides insight to the broadcast television and MVPD (cable, telco, and satellite) industries. All reports are accurate as underlying data is updated automatically as our database changes, however, temporarily the report title may not match newly updated reports. Subchannel Report is published daily to our 24,500 subscribers.

Roster of Seattle’s 56 Full Power and LPTV Channels

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OTA Broadcastings two full power stations, KFFV-TV 44 and KVOS-TV 12, are home to some of the most popular subchannel networks.


.1 Channel- “. 1″ is used to refer to the digital version of the station’s main signal.

Broadcast Management- Company that either owns the television station (all media types) or manages the TV station for another owner. Across Platforms also records ownership at the time of a purchase agreement or JSA/LMA agreement and not when the FCC approves of the transaction.

Seattle Is Ruled By The Comcast Interconnect

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ars technica – 10/2/2014 – I went to a Comcast pizza party. Seattle’s redditors didn’t take long to mock the apartment parties pretty relentlessly, particularly their timespans, as if they’d been announced by a Comcast technician. “6-8pm is a small window… I can be there between 9am and 11pm?” one user wrote, while others joked that attendees should expect an annoying party-bundling upsell: “Pizza will be bundled with non-optional two liters of soft drinks, dessert pizzas, and wings, and you by default rent the silverware and plates. That package will cost $7 for the first 30 minutes of the party and then $15 indefinitely, increasing by about 10 percent every five minutes” . For more information.


Unduplicated Subscribers- Subscribers counted one time per market per MVPD regardless if group has multiple stations and channels on MVPD. Subscribers calculated using FCC COALS, National Broadband Map, Census Data, 490+ MVP websites, and FCC Form 325. Subscribers estimated using reported subscriber figures then factored with a weighted average into county household numbers. Subscribers counted upon announced sale of MVPD Provider to another provider

Seattle TV Market Has 28 Subchannels

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KBCB-TV 24 which a few weeks ago was purchased by FOX Television Stations has now reverted back to Ventura Technologies Group.


Total Channels- The total channels, (across markets, groups, or genre), that are broadcasting on .1 channels and/or subchannels.

Total Subchannels (Not .1)- The total channels that are not the primary channel of the TV station(s).

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