La Familia cable network to nest SOI TV programming

SOI TV founded by Venezuelan banker who became a political prisoner of Chavez. SOI TV started after he was granted U.S. asylum.

SOI TV’s programming incorporates the latest in interactive broadcast technologies. SOI TV allows viewers to respond in real time to its television content via Twitter and Facebook. SOI TV then shares relevant viewer social media contributions in real time during the broadcast. The network was launched in March of 2012 with over 50 employees and a $20 million investment. SOI TV’s mission is to fuse the traditional television medium with the emerging platforms of social networks in order to build meaningful bridges within the Hispanic and Latino communities.

According to Camilo Bernal, Senior Vice President of Global Distribution for SOI TV, the La Familia deal is an example of the hybrid distribution deals (now including broadcast and cable) that the network is pursuing in its efforts to reach the social media-savvy members found within its communities. For more info visit

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