GetTV Has Over 30 Cable Channel Positions Across The Country

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GetTV’s largest subscriber system comes from WUVP-TV 65 Univision in Philadelphia delivering approx. 1,637,019 subscribers.

Extended basic service: limited basic includes local broadcast television stations as well as government channels while extended basic cable includes at least 50 additional channels like ESPN, MTV, and Fox News Channel. Across Platforms combines limited basic service, with extended basis service, for the extended basic service category. Across Platforms estimates, for the purposes of the newsletters that 100 percent of subscribers receive the extended basic service.

Four Broadcast Groups Provide GetTV With Vast Majority Of Its Carriage

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(1.57 million subs) than over the air homes (1.37 million homes) to GetTV.

Duplicated households for TV stations( MVPD and OTA): Households are counted multiple times for a TV station depending on if the network is carried both on over the air (OTA) as well as on an MVPD provider When measuring only the over the air households we find that Nexstar has delivered more MVPD subscribers in the same market.

Over-the-air television(OTA): OTA homes calculated by subtracting MVPD subscribers from Across Platforms’ household estimates derived mapping Census county population data to television station’s coverage maps.

Three Major MVPD Providers All Abut Cablevision’s Markets

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MVPD system overlap: When MVPD providers are compared to determine the TV market overlap of one MVPD provider to another. MVPD providers are considered to overlap for both partial counties and full counties. For example a MVPD provider could have one partial county near the boundaries of the TV market yet all the MVPD providers in the total market will be considered overlapping MVPD providers

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