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Oklahoma City Full Powers Distribute 35 Unique Networks

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Full Power Total Market Count – total amount of full power TV stations in the market. In most cases the PBS and religious station included in tabulations. Satellite TV stations, those that are exact mirrors of a primary station in the market (airing the same programming and advertising) are not included in the full power count.

Total TV Stations – total television stations contained within that measurement capture in the report.

Top 25 Markets Without Laff Network

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Laff Network is already distributed in the key national advertiser friendly markets in the United States, therefore, it should be only a matter of time before it becomes fully distributed.

Households- Determined by matching the FCC contour maps to the U.S. Census Data County maps and then tallied on market basis.

ABC Owned Stations Make Room For Laff Networks

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ABC Owned Stations are distributing Laff Network, on the same station as Live Well Networks, in markets such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Unduplicated Households- The households in the market are counted once even if the network is broadcast on TV stations reaching different sections of large markets or the TV station has multiple channels broadcasting in a market.

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